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This program is aimed at a weight-loss & toning but with a deeper purpose connected to it. So its for the mom who requires weight loss and more sustainable energy. Or for the corporate working women who does not have allot of time, would not want to get too bulky and just wants more confidence through training. So find the deeper purpose to why you want to look good and know that this program will serve that.

But if I focus solely on the training part, the training techniques you will learn are aimed at losing weight and toning at the same time while I explain every movement and the reason why it is done in a set way in detail. Depending on the plan you have purchased, I discuss the eating lifestyle I suggest, and I will be giving you some tips and tricks where needed with regards to your food options. You will be keeping yourself accountable by monitoring your own eating schedule throughout these powerful sixteen weeks ahead. I will also give you some of my opinions on nutritional products that could benefit you through this process and I will be discussing a specific product where needed. Bearing in mind some packages include all of the above and some just a few.

If you have lost yourself having to try and lose weight time and time again, you are most certainly not alone! Worse, if you have become despondent and totally demotivated to your health and overall well-being, then this program is for you! What I have found is that a community of strong and likeminded individuals can really carry you through those nasty craving - or just plain lazy days! That’s what lies close to my heart, offering you more than just a transformation of the body, something deeper needs to get some attention too!

After these sixteen weeks, I would want you to be mentally stronger and that that transformation will far outweigh physical transformation, even though that will be great as well. Let’s “fix” you from the inside out. Now that is a win!

Expect the unexpected. Expect to succeed for once.

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Progress Tracker

Keep track of those gains!

Take photo with newspaper relevant to the date you commence this challenge. You will need to take a clear full-length body photo of yourself in a bathing suit (no underwear photos). These photos will be assisting me and the team to measure and track your progress from the first commencement date until completion.

You will have to take an exact and very similar looking photo at the end of every four-week cycle on a Sunday morning which should showcase a full-length photo from both sides of your body, your back and front. Same should be sent to the legallyfit e-mail address.

Please note that same may be used to motivate others on your insane progress. We need to all encourage and lift each other up in order to succeed in this process and to sustain it beyond. We will however cover your face if same is requested beforehand.

Let’s see those gains ladies!

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