Your weakest link, could just be your own mind

How many excuses do you come up with to break that promise of living a healthy lifestyle? I know my own: When I go to the grocery store my worst nightmare is standing in the queue. It feels like the liquorice-fudge-like sweeties stare at me, begging me to just buy one more packet. The “last one” you know! After all, liquorice is a healthy cheat. Before I know it, my reflexes kick in and almost unconsciously I grab a packet, or two, slam dunk it in-between all my asparagus, broccoli and sweet potato and act like its all fine and dandy, because I will be better tomorrow. I promise!

Or what about when you go to a restaurant and well let’s be honest, before you can say no, the waiter with his slick taught hand manoeuvres and politely places the warm, white and oh-so wheat injected buns on the table. The mere thought of the butter melting in your mouth gets your toes curling and then…GONE! All of them, gone! But it is ok, because it’s the only “cheat” I will have today.

With that said, I know that you are not as weak as I have just confessed I sometimes am, but remember that every action has a reaction and you might not see the damage now. But come summer…boy oh boy will you see it then!

Note to self…it’s a lifestyle and you and I have to commit to stay fit every new day! It’s a new decision to be made every day!

Don’t become your own worst enemy, let your mind be the strongest link and not your cravings!

Yours in health;


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