What is the 14-day Legallyfit Kickstart program?

The Legallyfit 2.0 program is aimed at maximum results in a short period of time.

If you need a kick-start and you just don't know where to begin or how to get motivated to train, this right here is where you start!

These Legallyfit at home circuits are all structured around cardio and HITT styled workouts with at home equipment like using a broom.

If you are a short term goal kinda’ gal, then this one is great for getting you focussed and on track to eventually join the 16 week program! 14-day Legallyfit Kickstart can be bought and started at any time but if you want to do it at the same time as the entire community then make sure you keep an eye out on @angeliquevanderlindejvl Instagram page for the next community challenge to commence.

If you want to train on an app based program, you are welcome to purchase the 14-day Kickstart program on the Kixxfit app which is on the iStore. Unfortunately you cannot train on the web app and mobile app yet, but keep checking in because we always keep reinventing the programs to better suit our community.

You have tried everything else anyway, but now it’s time for something worth investing in. Something that will actually work, if you work it! Train with Angel in these five legallyfit videos and repeat them over 14 days. The strength and endurance you will gain in this short time will surprise you. Anyone from beginner to advanced can join because you decide on your own intensity.

The LF – kickstart program will get you laser focussed and fit in just 14 days. Getting fit is always step one, from there we can lean out, tone and lose some weight or just become a better version of you!

Come on, it’s only 14 days of your life! It's worth it!

How does the 14-day kickstart look?

5 Videos and a training plan for only

Opening Special for the first 100 users only

R399.00 / $23

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The group check-in date gets communicated on Angel's Instagram and through our newsletters so check your emails and spam folders to make sure you are able to join!

Please take note that some of the terms relating to the 16 week plan do not apply to the 14 day plan as same is non-refundable upon purchase and is only available through our webapp