They say “failing to plan, is planning to fail.” Life happens and I know this all too well. So how do you beat those odds? Well simply by planning.

  • You will know what you will have to eat the day before, so make sure that meal is prepared in advance so you will not have any excuse not to eat in accordance with the plan.

  • Make sure all your equipment is already set out for your training for the next day if you are doing the program at home.

  • Have your alarm set to wake up bright and early and make sure that you need to step into a bucket of cold water to get to your alarm so you will have no “snoozing” excuses!

  • Have your outfit for training lain out the night before and your nutritional products should be waiting for you in your kitchen by your prepared “pre-workout meal”.

  • These are just some guidelines I use to keep myself on track. Personalise what works for you because whatever it takes, do that!

Remain accountable:
This is probably one of the most crucial factors in you succeeding or in your failure.

  • How do you remain accountable? Well for some it works best when you tell the world what you are going to do and you will be surprised when you put this out into the universe, how random people will come up to you in the supermarket isle to say you should not be buying that ice cream.

  • Accountability starts and ends with you. You decide if you will allow that cheat meal or not, skip the early morning workout or push through. Only you!

  • Make sure you check in with all the scheduled online meetings and groups because that will definitely assist

  • You know who that one strict and no-nonsense person in your life is who tends to see you on a daily basis. Tell them to please be very “hard” on you when you are not!

  • Dig out that white jean that you have not been able to decently fit in to for a while or that corporate suit that just won’t close by its buttons or that swimsuit you always wanted to wear. Now, use that as motivation to stay on track. Fit it on as often as you need to keep you accountable and have a hard-long look at yourself and be brutally honest. Then love yourself enough to take that truth and pour it all into your workout!

  • These are just some guidelines I use to keep myself on track. Personalise what works for you because whatever it takes, do that!

Remain accountable:
This is such a great tool to keep you accountable. Having someone there to share those good, bad and ugly days. Hearing that someone else is working as hard as you is so motivating and enduring. But a caution to the wise, make sure this person will always work as hard as you if not harder and remain positive and uplifting with you through this process.

No use picking someone not willing to talk you off that ledge when you most need it. But even if you are doing this alone, you have me and we will conquer this mountain together girl, just promise to meet me on the other side! Giving up is not an option!

Vision board:
You looked healthy and fit at some stage in your life. Find THAT photo.

Getting a vision board about other people and how your aim is to look like them is physically impossible for you to reach. You can only look like YOUR best version, with your schedule, commitment and genes to your disposal. Reach your own best potential. That is do-able, and you know it!

Record a video:
Record as much of this process as you can.

You will look back at this as motivation in the days leading up to your success. Record each training session for yourself and to see how you improve as the program goes on. You will be amazed on how much you can grow during sixteen weeks on this program.


If you need someone to tell you that you can do this. If you are longing for a fresh approach and a new found motivation and you want to gain that from someone who have been where you are, then take my hand and lets do this together!

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