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MOTIVATION, the "Angel" way!

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.

Hi everyone,

I do believe that “happy father’s day” wishes to all the dad’s out there, are in order before I even take this conversation any further!

On that note, motivation is such a controversial issue up for discussion every so often. I receive a lot of questions regarding how you should stay motivated in your training, nutrition and well, life!

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My top 10 tips for staying motivated:

1.When your drive to sweat is at an all time low, you might find the fix you need in a simple “change in your approach”. In a perfect world you workout every single day because you actually like the heart-pumping, adrenalin-rushing and waist-slimming hour of sweat. But, this could also only be due to purely a long-term routine being followed and this might exactly be why your body is in such a no weight-loss mode! How about either a rewarding approach or the opposite being a penalty for missing a sweat session? An example of the first being when your goal is reached you can get a sassy new and sweat free outfit for your next goal to be met. Or, go to, on this site you can give a donation to your favourite charity of choice for every time you had a cheat! Wow, love this initiative! Sure our charities would appreciate your cheat meal payment!

2.Get a training partner that you know would be your team mate and who you know trains harder or eats healthier than what you do! Pride is such a human psychological factor in our everyday training routine. The possibility of failure alongside a BFF who you strive to look like, might just do the motivational trick to kick your behind into gear!

3.Bank each sweat session. Make it count, never leave the gym without knowing that you just worked to your max and pushed through every last set screaming.

4.Become your own BFF, would you ever tell you girlfriend how useless, pathetic and demotivational it is to stare into her face every second day!!!! Well, I hope not! So why then do this to yourself. Become your own motivation and know that this is something that you will need to find from within!

5.Break the habit and try something new! I just love mixing things up and challenging myself with different classes or training methods every so often. Always run on the treadmill? How about 20 minutes on the treadmill and a quick 20 minute run and sprint around your local gym?

Albert Einstein said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Get up and find what motivates you and let me know what that was! Sharing is caring!


Have a fit and fabulous week and keep living a victorious life till next time!

Yours in health,



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