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Dear ladies,

Have you ever dare to walk into the "men's" gym section with your cute pink outfit, la-dee-da- eye of a tiger attitude ready to kill and destroy some iron just to find that your are so not welcome!?

Nothing infuriates me more than some scrawny testosterone grunting soul that acts as if he is the owner of the "men's gym section". Like he bought the right to lift his small little weights in that area whilst proclaiming that it's apparently a "no women allowed section". Well newsflash Tiny, I know some women who can bust a move or two when it comes to bending iron and quite frankly those chix  (the ones you probably drool over whilst bench pressing 5 kg's) most certainly look better than you and they can out train you any day of the week.

See, this right here ladies, take a good look...this is why I get countless women who tell me the gym is too intimidating for them. They feel like they are forbidden, an outcast. It's like you are intruding on a boys night out. It's those exact women, that are told to lose weight just so that they can fit into their men's' beautiful fantasy. I say no to all of this!


Gone are the days where women should be treated any less than their counterpart. You will never see women demanding space in the gym. They are always somewhere shoved into a corner and even in that corner do they have to explain "why they cannot leave the weight section and go be pretty on a treadmill".


When you grunt, sweat and spit whilst doing a squat...we pity you Tiny...we pity you all the way in our shoved away corner! One day your inferior attitude might live up to your physique but until then, rather stay humble and know that the gym is a place where we are all equal. All striving toward the same goal and your small physique is the least of our problems. When your attitude over powers your legs, that's a problem Tiny. Rather work on that, in the corner until you are worthy for the mirror or lights in the gym.

With that said, I have had the honor of training with some of the best men physiques known to this industry. Bigger bodies than poor old Tiny will even have. They have always treated me like a queen. Make-up, pink outfit, warrior face and all! I feel for Tiny, seeing as I'm sure whomever he is, he is probably beyond intimidated himself of the gym. But dear Tiny, for one moment think how that overweight soul of a women must feel by you taking her bench (it's called a super set - learn this concept!), looking at her as if she should go on a serious diet and demanding her small occupied gym space as your own. Be a man, become the big man you have always aspired to be...and know that this quality starts from within.


As women we always welcome men into the gym arena with open muscular arms. So here is a tip dearest Tiny, invite your lady to gym with you and show her that you acknowledge her daily struggle and that you are committed in assisting her rather than treating her as a disgruntled and shameful failure. Her body will change because you allowed her to shine in her own right. You allowed her into a banned zone which you yourself have created!

Dear Tiny, I wish nothing more than for you to allow the bodybuilder from within to grow but no matter how many raw eggs you gulp down, meat you devour or weights you through on the floor, the biggest secret of bodybuilding can be found in the soul. There is a lesson no-one has taught you in the gym! Take it from me, an world champion and cover model - your Tininess' goes deeper than your legs!


Here is a shout out to all the ladies who have dared to enter the testosterone zone, may you lift heavier, squat deeper and look sexier whilst doing it! And whenever you see a 'Tiny' in the gym, JUST ROAR!!!!

Eat, Sleep, Train repeat!
2015 we come!


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