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Welcome to 2014!



I am so excited for this year and a bit of summer loving, a dark tan and a well deserved rest has never done me as good as this past December holiday. The saying goes " if you must, but don't you quit...", so after a long summer vacation I am ready to get up and go again!

When I am on vacation, I really try to make time to reflect on the whole mind, body and soul mantra. Who has time for that during the year, right!? But, Jacques and I find it so sociable and fun in gym during summer season and while some might associate some wine with having fun, we love to spend some quality time in the gym. (No laughing or grunts!) No distractions, no deadline and no "next meeting" to run to, kind of thinking. Just good clean sweat till you're done! A full cleanse, if you will!

Eating healthy is such normality for us both and it's just amazing to see how this rubs off on family and friends, in a good way! With that being said, I have this constant craving for a juicy yet extravagant salad with almost every meal! It has proven to be a far easier task in finding a juicy, sauce dripping and fattening burger or pizza than a good old Greek salad and beefy fillet. Here is a shout out to the restaurants where I found the best, cleanest and most filling health meals. You guys rock and made my healthy world allot more bearable to live in! So, snaps in a circle to those who remained on the health train to skinny jeans! Hooray for us all!

I don't believe in reflecting back, I am going forward and what I have done or not done is something of the past. Now is the time to look to the future, to dream bigger and to grow even more. And my new year's wish for you is that you will live "forward". Live a life knowing that today's changes might make a huge difference in your accomplishments of tomorrow. Find your purpose is 2014 and live to conquer that and not to only live from one New Year’s resolution to the next.

Stop by our JVL outlet or websites for some serious motivation and superior guidance on supplementation, training and eating for that healthy you (the skinny girl deep inside)!

Stay victorious in 2014 and keep on fighting the good fight, you will surely reap the benefit!

Best kept blond secret of summer:

Get yourself the Purple Shampoo by Hannon. This is a blond zhoosh in a bottle! Yellow is not the color you want, you want it to me blond and by that I also do not mean grey!


Best abdominal brain wave of summer:

2-time phome roller ab'licious - place 2 phome rollers on the floor, hold onto the front one and place the bridge of your feet on top of the roller at the back, contract your abs while rolling knees and feet into stomach and roll back again to follow with a push-up. INSANE!

Even though I do not think that this school of thought is sustainable, I love this "challenge" especially for those "newbies" on the train to awesomeness:






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