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About Angel of Fitness

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This fitness “Angel” has become a worldwide phenomenon. She is the CEO and visionary powerhouse behind the concept of “Legally FIT”. Known for her involvement in the fitness & lifestyle boutique shops, JVL Wellness and Lifestyle Centres, and distribution hubs situated across SA, she has taken the fitness industry by storm. She succeeded in placing South Africa on the map and her success story is aimed at changing lifestyles, sculpting results and reaching new goals! Since winning the Couples Division at the Fame World Championships, bringing back gold to SA in the Fitness America Pageant for the Bikini division and going on to reach Pro status at the WBFF, this fitness celebrity has surely drawn a lot of attention and she promises that the best is yet to come!
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  • JVL Wellness & Lifestyle representative;
  • WBFF Pro Fitness Athlete;
  • International winner in the couples division 2010;
  • Winner of Miss Fitness Bikini at the Fitness America Pageant in 2010, ranked 2nd in the world in the Figure division;
  • TV Personality;
  • 3 times Fitness Magazine and Muscle Evolution best selling cover girl;
  • Fitness Magazine Blog and column writer;
  • MC and judge at numerous fitness pageants;
  • Aerobics Instructor (13 years);
  • Pregnancy advice specialist;
  • Attorney and business entrepreneur.


JVL-Logo 1The retail outlets specialize in nutrition, training- and pregnancy advice, supplementation, tanning products and all related sports apparel. JVL is set apart from the rest sue to the fact that advice from a professional athletes’ perspective can be gained.With in-house advice and regulation of our clients’ progress, JVL is a leader in this Industry. With advice that has been proven to sculpt results everyone from pregnant ladies, fitness gurus, bodybuilders or even the normal gym junky will be sure to find the advice they have been looking for at their nearest JVL retail outlet! Jacques has been actively involved with JVL as his own lifestyle brand for the past 10 years. Getting into the ultimate shape is not just a goal but a lifestyle. Let JVL assist you in reaching your fitness goal, because with us you will not be allowed to settle for anything less than your ultimate success. Always finish first and never settle!


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